Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Toughest Question in my Life

Alright, I said I want to talk about "The toughest question in my life."

Question like "Do you love me?" "Can you be my girlfriend?" I know they are hard questions for some people, but it's not a problem for  me.
Because I'll say Yes if yes, No if no. Nothing hard.
Unless I "", may be that shows a sign that I'm not sure, but seldom happen.

Question like "Where did you eat?" "Have you submit...?" 
These are so damn easy questions, and I don't understand why some people like to answer "adalah..." "Got la..." "You ask Michelle (for eg) la!" It's not secretive. Why do you want me to ask someone else what you have eaten? =.="
It's annoying, I don't know what's wrong asking what did they eat. May be I should not be kepo. But sometimes it's a concern, especially when you haven't see your friend for long.
Who really give a damn on what you eat, it's an introduction when you see each other. duuh...
There was a time, I slammed the door when my friend replied "adalah" when I asked her where did she dinner, really beh song!

Questions in the exam papers are tough, yea. You are a genius if you don't agree, I hope to have your brain.

Questions asked by my parents are tough. I find it tough sometimes may be because I'm afraid of my parents.
It was tough when I was a teen when I want to tell them I have a party at friend's house. And my dad actually taught me not to say party if I ask my mom, should say "I have a dinner over my friend's house." Sound pretty like a good girl huh.
I was afraid when they ask what time I'll be home. Because I know I'll be late.

So now, in my 21, The Toughest Question in my Life at the moment is "Where you want to dinner?" "What do you want to eat?" 
It's really a headache for me. I'll prefer others to decide where to eat, unless I'm craving for something where I normally will voice out automatically before anyone asking.
Sometimes I'll suggest "Chicken rice?" and my friend went "Don't want la..." Then you decide lo...why ask me.
There was one time 5 of us, all are not decision makers, started asking one and another to decide where to eat, it took quite a long time. lol
One more kik one is, when I asked Carol to decide where to eat, she would say "OK! Empire lah!" That's the only reason why I appear in Empire.

If you ask me what I want to eat...
If you ask me during the weekdays lunch time, I'll say Lao Di Fang.
If you ask me during the weekdays dinner time, I'll say Tian Tian Chicken Rice.
If you say you want Gadong, I'll say Cheezebox, Food court or Ideal.
If you want Kiulap, I'll say Shabu Shabu or TPH.
If you kena lottery and want to celebrate, I'll say Autrium /Pantai at Empire.
If all not satisfy, OK~ go home cook instant noodle better :)

I like to eat at home actually, there's no menu for me to think what I want to eat. I only cook whatever my home has.
Not instant noodle la, I eat instant noodle like once a month. I do groceries shopping okay~

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