Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

It was Earth Hour yesterday from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. 
I believe there were activities going on in different countries, and in Brunei, we had night picnic, night cycle and making the formation 60+. 

This is the first time I join, and my team mates and me were representing 350 org

It was still bright when I reached there around 7+ pm,
and the cyclist were registering themselves.

There were market nearby, selling clothes, bags and foods. 
I'm not sure whether this market is part of the Earth Hour event, but I think they should sell something related like Earth Hour T-shirts, solar torch light, etc. That would be meaningful.

The cyclists are getting ready.

I didn't know they are going to have this night cycle, else I would like to join! 

Welcoming the prince.

Get set, GO!

Light was turned off, and everyone light up the candles and on their torch light.

There were many groups joining the night picnic. 
This very team working group is from City Neon.

A group making formation 60 by candles.

I guess the prince is very humorous. I couldn't hear what he said, but the people kept laughing.

Awesome picnic set.

and this is us! The 350 Brunei Team.
Then the people all wondering what is 350? 
I wrote a post about our team, you can click to read again.

I brought the kinetic torch light. 

a work of another group.

The sun jar!

we were asked to sit at the edges to form 60+

Waiting for 9.30pm count down.

The cyclists were back.

Another group enjoying the night picnic.

We did the count down,
the light were on, 
and that was the end of Earth Hour.

It was only the light at the grass field which was turned off.
It would be more meaningful if the street lights and the lights of the buildings were turned off. It would be extremely dark, and you can really feel the Earth Hour!

It's a great step that Brunei is organising this to support Earth Hour, that raise the awareness of protecting the earth. 

Good job good job everyone who joined. Earth Hour next year again!
Can earth hour in your everyday life too, that would be better.

Off the lights when not in use :)

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