Friday, April 27, 2012

HSBC walk run CYCLE 2

Hm, I just realised I didn't take a picture of the whole. 

Anyway, the registration is already closed because has reached 6000 participants!

I was told by a friend that in other countries, they have this Walk, Run AND Cycle altogether in a given distance. I was :O I never thought of that! I am joining 11.5km, I think by the time I need to Run, I have already fainted. 

I quickly check their website again, it says Walk, Run OR Cycle. So, we should be choosing one of the 3 right? Lol-ness, hopefully~~

6km cycling sounds short, ya right. I have tried to cycle in the gym. Starting to get tired at 2km x.x

May be I'll be cycling around KB on Saturday night. yohoo! Everyone is practising, I must do my best too.

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