Monday, April 30, 2012


It's a hot movie now right!? But I don't understand why everyone wants to watch it so much, it's just another hero movie. Even in the paper, Avengers took 4 thumbnails at the advert. 

I have already watched it. I didn't watch Iron Man and Hulk, so I'm kinda blur.
And I forgot the story of Captain America and Thor, so blur also until a friend refreshed me. 

I fell asleep in the beginning not sure how long, and I missed the front part. So, blur again!
I woke up and a lot of questions in my head "Why like that ah?"

What made me slept is the comfortable seat that can incline at Kiulap mall cinema ><
I only watched around the middle part of the movie. It's a good movie and funny. 

My manager asked me if I have watch Avengers.
I said "Yes, but I fell alseep a while."
She replied "You're crazy."

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