Friday, April 13, 2012

Caliente the Spanish Restaurant

On one lovely day...

I decided to try the Spanish restaurant at Kiulap Regent Square, Caliente

The restaurant is very reddish.
I like the pictures on the wall, opps, forgot to take some pics of them. They are pictures of latin dance, and some sexy girls.

Was surprised to see these alcoholic drink w/o alcohol.
The best seller is Mojito, I didn't order that because I don't really like the taste of the leaves. 

Beers too
Gonna try the beer with chilli next time. 

Margarita Blue
See the edge with salt, really got the cocktail feel. 
I like to drink it with the salt, FEEL!

Shirley Temple
A bit sweet and sour

This is the cold appetizer Tortilla Espanola
 Wedges of silvered potatoes  in a fluffy herbed egg omelete
I like this! tastes a bit like yam tho.

This is a another appetizer Caliente Selection of Hot and Cold Tapas
Hors d ouvres of Gambas Espanola, Beef chorizo and Mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheese
This is not bad too!

A close shot of Hors d ouvres of Gambas Espanola

Close shot of Beef chorizo

The inside of Mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheese

. I'm hungry now while typing this.

Papas Arrugadas
Crystallised whole potato topped with mojo sauce
The sauce is lemon + orange. It tastes awesome with the sauce 

Arroz con Cordero
Fried rice served with aromatic lamd shank
This is not very satisfying because the lamb is a bit too hard. Overcooked I guess.

I thought it's a typical western restaurant with lamb chop or steak, but this is something different.
Something that I never tasted before. Kinda boring eating the same thing everytime, at least here's another restaurant with special foods.
The foods are not served slow.
Nice foods and awesome treat by Dk :)

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