Thursday, October 27, 2011

YYYY got a gold key!

It was my sister's 21st birthday!

If you are Body Shop's member, you would get a lot of vouchers on your birthday, and one of them is free dining in Rizqun restaurant. Yvonne is one of the member, so she invited us to celebrate with her! "My pleasure!"

She has a beautiful face, but not sure why she's camera shy.

The foods were good. The restaurant closes at 10.30pm, and we ate till 10.30pm ^^

Photographer trying hard to shoot one good photo of Yvonne.

I kek tio when I see this pic taken by Shimmy.
U know, girls sometimes would say "eyer, not nice! please take one more without the whole body."
Then she really took one with our heads only, photo fail!

Yummy cold crab.
Don't care being not lady, dirty and smelling like crab, just eat!

Oh ya, what we bought for her? A sexy lingerie *phewiiit*

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