Wednesday, October 12, 2011

家有喜事 Part 2

Here are more nice pictures by the professional photographer, Samuel Tan.

Please look at this photo for few more seconds, because it took me 3 min to take this photo.
The photographer was asking me to turn right a bit, left a bit, chin up a bit, tilt a bit...bit bit bit became 3 minutes for a picture.

that's the snail eyes on my head.
Why? I think it's because the bride always does things very slow like a snail, so snail represents her.

the cousins

I performed belly dance, guiding the waitresses serving the 1st dish.

I know what you're thinking, this belly dance was without belly for some reasons.
I like this picture of me!

They said it's good that I didn't smile that's why I made the effect, what do you think?

My brother always poses old-fasionedly in photos

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