Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Early dinner at Bunker Bistro

I saw the bloggers/media reviewing the foods at Bunker Bistro at Empire Hotel. Not sure when I would dine in there till the friends asked me if I want to go have an early dinner at 4pm! Very early I know.

On the way going to Bunker Bistro from the car park, wuu....never know that the building is quite nice and classy, the environment is good too. I can feel how expensive the foods are before stepping into the restaurant.

Mini Beef Burger + French Fries, comes with Ice cream.
I never eat such yummy burger before. It's not like those you buy from pasar/tamu. This burger is thick, you eat it, you are very clear that you are eating a beef burger as you can really feel it.
Some beef burger tastes like chicken, because they are too thin, you can't feel it.
But this is different.
Haiya, so hard to describe, you go try yourself.

Very nice as commented by Carol.
I'm not a person who would love this.

Look tired? pale?
Because I went there after class.
I didn't eat lunch that day because I was too tired and I prefer to take a nap.

I feel so busy, actually I busy for nothing recently, I'm not sure why I feel like I'm lacking of time, I feel so tired everyday, etc like I'm in an exam period.

Yesterday, I used the whole day to do the photo shoots for my assignment. Day time I took a series of photos with a topic "Day dreaming". At night I took the night scenes.

This Saturday I got an interview. For what For what!? For Jenesys, a trip to Japan for workshops/presentation/ vacation. I think I wouldn't get it, not because lack of confidence, but myself having limited knowledge about Environment (eg:- solar power, water power, eco friendly), since I'm a business student. Well, I'll try my best.

Next Saturday! What happen? Halloween is approaching. So we are having the costume gathering at the Gadong area. Not sure organised by who. But I think there's gonna be a lot of people wearing weird stuffs and walk around the gadong area, and I'm one of them! You can check them out, anyone can join! You can join me too, more people the merrier.

Back to my assignment, tata!

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