Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seafoods at Pondok Sari Wangi

We were invited by PSW to have seafood dinner at his restaurant.
Beware! You will drool if you keep reading on.

These cockles are really fat and big, missing it now @.@

We had fried Man Tou, and we dip the sauce.

The man tou is fried satisfactory, ngam ngam hou, very yummy.

My lips can show how delicious the foods are.

See JW's expression, can you feel the yummy-ness?
However, her friend looked so emo due to medical issue, she couldn't eat seafood. Oh well, she wasn't the only one who couldn't eat seafood.

He couldn't eat too also due to medical issue.
Somemore they love seafood.
So they only can drool in envy looking at us eating such heavenly-delicious seafood.

After the dinner, he kept complaining, "Why I didn't eat? Why I can't eat cockles? Why why why....?"


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