Thursday, February 6, 2014

Singapore Birthday Trip with Yee Lan

Happy Chinese New Year darlings~

I know I've been lazy, or should I say busy >< I wish whenever I take pictures with my cam, they would automatically transfer to my lappie and auto resize it, basically do everything for me and I just need to type. Nah... Yes, I've been a lil bit busy ever since I came back from KL on Jan 4th. Busy moving house and make my CNY fried seaweed. We had bad weather last few weeks so it was kinda hard to make the CNY foods 'cause I need the sun. I only done every thing on the Lunar day 30. It was kinda late to sell, but I still able to sell a bit. My fried seaweeds ran out quite quickly as people said it's nice wohoo~ You can order from me next year if I'm doing it again^^

One week after I came back from KL, I went for a getaway to Singapore with YeeLan for her birthday, for 4 days 3 nights. 

1st day in Orchard & Clarke Quay

Had an awesome scallop pasta for dinner at Hooters.

Clarke Quay's famous of nightlife, that's mean lots of clubs and bars. Most of them offer free entrance for ladies, some with free drinks. 

This club approached us saying they offer free entrance and free drinks. So we tried this club, I guess it's a new club. 
Urm, it's not that nice. Maybe it's because it's not very crowded. They were 2 kinds of groups, one which the people wear suit and dress, and one that wear very casual, so overall it doesn't look that nice la if you get what I mean. The drinks, since it's free, it doesn't taste very alcoholic. 
Was boring, so we switched club!

We ended up spending our night at...
Shanghai Dolly

I never been to this kind of club before. The band is in Chinese, so it kinda looks like a Taiwan. They have different performers after each song so it's kinda cool. After a while like the usual clubs, the DJs would play English party songs. It's only the band part which is different from other clubs. 
Free entrance for ladies. So untung to be a lady, tehee.

Vivo City

I can't remember this Jap restaurant name.

This is yummy! Omelette with chicken.


Universal Studio pic from 2011.

We went to the Sky Tower:

We rode the Luge:
I went there twice. The first time was because my lil brother was too coward to take the ride. The 2nd time was because the Q was too long during Xmas. Then this time finally I get to ride with this cha boh.

We used Luge to go downhill, and used the sky ride to go up. 

After the Luge, we actually went to walk at the beach before going back. We went back at night, at the same time enjoyed the musical fountain show for a while on that ride.

Siloso Beach:

I look tall here ho?

Someone playing the "Iron man".

Dining by the beach. So "lomantike".

That night we continued at Chinatown.

Chinatown really has the Chinese New Year feel. Everywhere playing CNY songs, selling CNY foods and stuffs. Very crowded, very merry! You can watch this video to feel it!


I forgot this restaurant name hehe It's popular is fish.

Then we saw Singapore actors having a shooting there.

Didn't take much photos here because all we did were shopping. Things are cheap in Bugis, and the clothing are not allowed for fitting. Some of them allow, but would be slightly more expensive. 

Marina Bay Sands:
Very cool inverted fountain.

Our best photo of the trip! That wind effect, phewitt~ Wu sui bo? hehe

It was really windy.

The wind si beh strong.

These buildings are created to save energy and are environmental friendly, something like that. I don't know how it works or what it's for in exact. This place looks like avatar! Super greeny~

Lastly...this is my first time staying in a dorm. This is the best hostel I can find. 
Why did I choose this:
1. It has female dorm.
2. It's a cube with a curtain so we have privacy.
3. It's cheap. SGD22.00 per night.
4. It's located at Clarke Quay. It's convenient, near to MRT.
4. They have the basic facilities like lockers, hair dryer, wifi.
5. They include free breakfast.

What I don't like after the stay:
1. The pillow is too thin.
2. The washroom is bit dark.
The rest are OK for me.

YeeLan's comment:
1. Noisy because some of the room mates came back late or went out early.
2. Smelly. 
She couldn't really sleep well but I slept very well lol

Reception and dining place.
Their breakfast is just simple, bread toast with jams., you do it yourself.

My mini haul:
Forever New clutch; few clothes from MDS and Bugis; Bare Mineral loose powder, Sephora brush; Foot mask from Watson; Nude bra; Mini play card; I forgot to bring my comb; and a tattoo stocking; 2 bed sheets 

I didn't plan to shop actually since I go to Singapore quite often, like once a month. During the previous trip, I didn't really buy stuffs too, nothing to buy actually. So I brought a backpack only. Ended up I do have things to buy. I almost couldn't fit all these things to my bag =.="

Was a nice happy enjoyable trip with YeeLan. I always worry about cannot get along with my friends when it comes to travelling, but we can get along well I guess. One of my happy trips! Wondering where will I/we go next :)

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