Monday, January 20, 2014

Beach Life Palette from em cosmetics

*high tone* Ahhhh~~~ I got this a lot of girls' dream palette, EM cosmetics created by Michelle Phan. Because you can't get it anywhere except for New York, that's why it's a dream palette lol. I'm lucky enough to have a New York friend, Mdm Evon, to bring this for me. 

When I bought this, they don't accept any credit cards from other countries. But after that, they accept cards from few countries, but not Brunei's yet. However, you still need to collect your orders from New York. Michelle said they are working on it to ship their products internationally. Looking forward!

I wanted to order more, like the concealer which they named it "The Great Cover Up" that can cover up anything, even a black marker pen mark; their 2-in-1 highlight and contour stick; all their Life palette, etc. Basically, I wish I can get all of them! Their products are too creative and innovative and pretty! Oh, I said, I wanted to order more but I'm afraid in case I choose the wrong tone/colour for concealer, highlight, etc. 

I got the Beach Life Palette

 The cover. 

A life palette consists of 4 sets of.....themes. Each theme has 6 eye shadows, 2 lip colour and 1 cheek shade. With a total of 24 eye shadows, 8 lip colors and 4 cheek shades in a palette, it costs USD75 with a free travel palette (next picture).

Each "button" has a magnet and they can be transferred to a mini travel palette for your convenience to bring out. You can even mix and match with other themes to create your own set. 
This palette includes a tool and a 2 way brush.

Ok, so how's this palette? The cheek shades are pigmented, the lip colors are just nice, eyes shadows are pigmented for some, may be the others are meant to be not very pigmented as they blend well together.

What's not good about it, is it doesn't have space for me to get the blush colour, the powder may fall into the lip or other eye shadows.

But overall, it's still good ^^ They have nice colours anyway. Some of you may wonder because you never heard of this brand. Yes, it's a new brand launched in August 2013. How do I know about this brand and look like I'm crazy about it because the founder of this brand is my idol, Michelle Phan! She's a sweet lady, creative with great mind and I wish to be a successful make-up artist like her (dream is good okay). Inspired by her, yes :)

Wish I can go New York one day to visit her store. Better if I can meet her :)

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