Wednesday, January 8, 2014

7 years later, I met Evon again

This was the last photo we took 7 years ago before I met her last month. I know I changed a lot ><

A brief intro about Evon. She was my high school mate in Form 1. We tuition together then we became very good friends. Our tuition teachers who are our friends now brought us to Miri and Bandar to play and shop quite often that time. We went to each other's house often to cook, eat, play hair, play fashion and do the girly girly stuffs together. She then left Seria after Form 3 to Bandar until Form 5. After that, she migrated to New York with her mom.

We still keep in touch after she moved to New York. We would send each other cards, letters or gifts occasionally. Always feel happy to receive her things, no matter big or small. 感恩.

After 7 years, she got married to a handsome kungfu master and had one of her wedding receptions in Miri, Malaysia as most of her relatives and friends stay in Miri and Brunei. 

So I flew to Miri from KL few days before the wedding reception. Damn the flight delay for almost 4 hours due to the heavy rain in KL. Appreciate Gerald's patience, arigato gozaimasu~

Our first picture in Miri!

Evon brought me: 
My dream EM life palette by Michelle Phan which only available in New York!

and the Juicy Couture-s~~

 Our first dinner. 

The next day, getting ready for the big night!

I look a bit different here. My eyes looked China-ish 风眼。hmmm...

This baby very cuuuuute neh....

Then after party~~
She looked really beautiful that night. 俗话说,Bride is always the most beautiful lady of the day.
Of course pun beautiful everyday la, in case I kena say "So other days I'm not pretty la!?" ^^

Few friends asked me why was I wearing my reindeer ear everywhere. Because Christmas was approaching, have to create some X'mas feel.

Supposed I only stay in Miri for 4 days 3 nights till Dec 22nd. Then I extended my stay till Dec 25th, which was after Christmas! Reasons?
1) I felt a bit sad when I knew I have to leave soon. Time flies and I felt like I hadn't spend enough time with Evon.
2) She persuaded me to stay to celebrate Xmas with her.
3) I didn't have classes in KL either, and I may be alone during Xmas if I was in KL.
4) I wanted to spend more time with Evon :D

So I extended my stay!

We had Xmas party in Miri at PC's house.


and bbq.

Not sure when will I meet Evon again. Hope I have the chance to go New York one day to visit her little family. No, she's not pregnant yet lol

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