Thursday, December 26, 2013

Something you may not know while on the plane

I've been travelling a lot recently to visit friends and attend weddings. December, a good month for weddings huh.

There's something I guess most of you/the people don't know. I see people unfasten their seat belt when the seat belt sign is off, or when the sign is not even off, people think it's OK to unfasten. In fact, it's not OK at all, you have to fasten your seat belt throughout your journey.

Turbulence can be detected or predicted. Pilots would on the seat belt sign to inform the passengers to fasten their seat belt.

What can't be predicted or detected? Air pocket, also known as air hole.

Definition from the web:
a localized region of low air density or a descending air current, causing an aircraft to suffer an abrupt decrease in height.

Get it get it? It's like a hole. When there's an air pocket, the airplane drops until there's a higher air density. Sometimes few air pocket occurs in an area, so the airplane drops and becomes normal, then drops again. 
It's really a scary situation when people who have no seat belts on, they would be seriously injured. Things in the plane would be a mess. You can imagine la, when a plane drops, you're like a ball being rolled here and there. People who had this experience would call this a near to death experience (I worked in an airline before and dealt with a case like this).

I would always go to the washroom before I board and try not to leave my seat when I'm on the plane. Air pocket, it's unpredictable.

Listen to the pilot or air crews when they ask you to switch off your phone, electronic devices, when they ask you to upright your seats, when they teach you the safety stuffs, etc. There's always a reason behind these rules, so listen to them and do what they ask you to do. They are the professionals.

Still wanna unfasten your seat belt? Spread this to your loved ones.

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