Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DK in KL


Dickson was clearing his leaves and he was in KL for few days. So I also became a tourist with him that few days. 

Yeng mou?

The best sweet potato balls ever in Fung Lye restaurant.

We visited Ikea. Ikea here is awesomely big with variety nicely creatively designed furniture and stuffs which we only can see and cannot buy =.= boo! May be we can, with additional shipping fees to Brunei, but I didn't ask. nah...

My favorite season all time, the Christmas! Everywhere is decorated to boost the Christmas holiday feel.

We went to Sunway Lagoon! Ticket is quite expensive RM120 for so little rides.

 World War Z is a zombie house. You walk all the way and zombie will jump out and scare you. This is the scariest "ride" for me among all. I hate being scared suddenly but just to accompany D. When the staff said it took 30-45 minutes, I was like :O and heart starts beating so crazily. 
I hold D's arm so tight, I didn't even want to open my eyes, I looked on the floor all the way with squeezy eyes, kept telling myself they are all human and damn it, my hands were still sweating, heart beating fast and I almost cried, I didn't even care if his arm hurts. The happiest moment was when D said "Finish already." Ahhh~ relieved. Seriously, this kind of thing is not for me although I know they are fake but I'm still scared like what. One of the zombie saw I was scared and kept following and making annoying zombie sound. x.x

I rather ride the world longest roller coaster!

That big arse!

Vuvuzela was awesome! I'm a coward for dry thrills like roller coaster, giant drop etc. But a brave exciting lady when it comes to wet rides! I played this twice and wanna play more but we have to walk up the long stairs, lazy lah. 

 It's not even scary or that exciting as I expected. But still fun!

 A magician approached us and did some amazing tricks. He drew a blue dot on my palm, asked me to close, then asked D to open his hand, and.....when the f*ck he touched D's hand and made a blue dot there!?
D said he also didn't feel the magician touched his palm or something. Amazing!

Decorations at Pavilion.

A drink and we chatted all night.

 I wanna tell you that...Avicii concert was


Will show you guys more pics soon. tata~

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