Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moi friends in KL

Hello dolls~ Before I begin, I would like to thank those who messaged or commented me regarding my fear of taking taxi. They suggested me few trusted taxi drivers and sites which really help me a lot. Arigato gozaimasu~

I have not been blogging, I know. Beside attending to classes, I've been meeting up few groups of my Brunei friends here. They came to KL in different time, so ya. Glad to meet them :)

We went shopping, chill, dance and spent our girly girly weekend together. 
We are going to Singapore in January. Looking porward!

Sweet and nice decoration at Pavilion. 

Too bad I'm not a very EDM person. else I could enjoy more. More to an RNB person. till the end.

He brought me my favorite Ideal spaghetti and grilled chicken from Brunei! How sweet of him, aww~

I said I'm not a very EDM person, BUT I'm going to Avicii concert this weekend!!!!! Who cares if you're not an EDM person, we still can jump jump shake shake. 

*singing Level*

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