Friday, November 15, 2013

November Singapore Trip

I went to Singapore last week. If you ask me what's my biggest fear, I would say, taking a taxi. May be I have read too much scary news about Kuala Lumpur. Whenever I walk on a street, I'll hold my bag really tightly. If anything bad happens, I'll be just losing my stuffs and cash. But if it's taking a taxi, the driver can bring me to anywhere wa. 

Most of the time if I'm taking a taxi, I am alone. I'll be so afraid that I'll send the taxi car plate number and details to my friend. Then I'll keep checking the GPS to see if I'm going to the right place. Sometimes they have different route to reach the place and it does freak me out every time. 

Last week, when I took a taxi to the airport, it was 5.30am. I had to wake up at 4.30am, basically I didn't even sleep because I'm an owl. I sleep around 2am most of the time. Then I was so nervous, not sure if the driver will be late to pick me up or not, nervous about whether I'll arrive to airport safely or not. These things keep appearing in my mind although I wanted to sleep so much. In the end, I didn't even fall asleep for a minute. Steady lor! 

Funny thing is, while in the taxi, I was too nervous and scared till I felt like vomiting so much, my hands cramp and my legs were shaking. I felt so awfully dizzy and I needed something super sour so much to wake myself up. I hope the next time I take a taxi I would be calmer....damn, tomorrow I'm gonna take a taxi to meet YeeLan. So many Brunei friends coming this month! Happy ^^

Boarding soon.

I met up my childhood friend in Singapore, Ming Hwei. Really glad that she brought me around and accompanied me. She brought me a new experience travelling in Sg, really appreciate that.

The famous Katong Laksa, with clam. One word: yummilicious
It doesn't taste like the laksa I ate in Brunei, it's different. Sorry to be bad in describing foods, it's just YUMMY.

 It's really famous that a lot of superstar went there too. Their wall is full of the stars pictures like Lam Fung, even Sammi Cheng! Donnie yan too...a lot a lot.

Wu..can put lotsa thing in this big bag!

This month, lots of Brunei friends come to Kuala Lumpur to visit me (wahseh). And Next month, I'm gonna fly to few places, Miri, Kuching and Sg again! Excited yo!


Anonymous said...

Hi.. I am new in KL too, just been here for 3 months, and just like you, i am quite afraid to use the taxi all by myself. But i would strongly suggest public transport since its quite convenient; not as convenient as Singapore per se, but its quite okay here I must say, cheaper as well! Try this website: It shows bus and LRT routes basically. I hope you will find it useful and wish you all the best! :)

EaHui said...

aw...thank you so much :)