Monday, December 16, 2013

Funny questions Malaysian asked me.

Ever since I came to Kuala Lumpur, and when the Malaysians know that I'm from Brunei, I will be asked some weird funny questions, like:

Most of them are curious about Wu Chun:
1. He born like this or did he have a plastic surgery?

2. Is he really rich or just want to make some news?

3. He's really married and has children?

4. Does he look good in person?

Other questions are like:

5. Does Bruneian allowed to eat pork?

6. Does Brunei have winter? (funniest ever)

7. Brunei's car is left or right side driver? (you know what I mean)

8. Bruneian can speak Chinese!!??

There are more funny one but I can't recall now. I kept telling them Brunei is quite similar to Malaysia but they still ask funny funny questions.

And Why I don't update much anymore?
Hmm...first I don't really bring my G12 camera out anymore because it's heavy. Now I mostly use it for my make up portfolio. My phone camera sucks. Nothing much to take also unless I'm meeting friends then I'll take picture with them.  I don't really bring my bag to parties, all I bring is IC and my phone. My phone sucks, so unless someone else use their phone to take picture.

So a post without pictures I think it wouldn't be that interesting. hehe. Well, but I try to update yea. Nothing much going on here. I just attend classes, hanging out with friends, shopping, chilling, singing, eating, travelling and sleep. Very relaxing life~~ :)

Looking forward to go Miri this Thursday and Kuching next week to attend weddings and meet my beloved friends~~ ^^ wohooo!

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