Thursday, January 16, 2014

Carol & Anthony's wedding

Finally I got time to write about the most touching wedding I've ever attended. Words to describe Carol and Anthony's wedding: warming, romantic, simple yet elegant, relaxing, fun, happy, and very touching. All these to make it a word....AWESOME!

I've known Carol for 2-3 years but we're like knowing each other for a long time. She's a very kind-hearted crazy lady. She does charity works, and a person who's fun to have party with. Now you know why I describe her as a kind-hearted cray cray lady. 

She had her wedding at Cove55 in Kuching. It's a villa of a rich family, they rented out when they are not staying there. I think it has 10+ rooms, with a pool and nicely designed rooms and kitchen. It's by the beach. It was quite cloudy during the days we stayed there, it was not sunny and hot at all, very breezy and relaxing. 

I thought I'll be staying in a hotel room, I had no idea about the villa until I reached there. So I was a bit sakai like WOW WOW WOW.... In fact, it is a very nice villa. 

2 big living rooms. Their design is like a bit English style.

Outside our room.

The master bedroom:
A shower place where you can sexy out while watching your partner poo poo. 

In front of this toilet bowl is the mirror and sink (see the next picture). Basically this room has no privacy at all ><
Pris, Carol and I stayed in this master bedroom for the first night, and somehow while we 3 were chatting in the room, I accidentally saw Pris naked body while she was showering. She screamed lol 

The bedroom of another room.

The first photo we took in the morning after we got ready.

The breakfast

 Besides the main villa, it has another 3 small houses beside it. Following the Chinese tradition which the groom picks the bride up to his house. So from the bride's mini house (the place where I'm standing), the groom brought her to his mini house on the right. 

Happily married ^^

After the morning ceremony, we went to lunch at this very nice western restaurant. 

Gotta get ready for the night again!

Carol didn't get a professional make up artist to do her make up and hair as she thinks we friends can do a good job too. 
For some of the brides, since wedding is their important day, they wanna have the best and perfect wedding, so normally their hire the professionals. But for Carol, we are the champion (she always says that haha)! I did her mom and sisters' make up; Pris, Hilda and herself did her make up and hair. 

It's a Garden Theme. 

I like my dress so much because it fits me so well. I had a hard time looking for a dress while I was in Singapore in December. The other dresses I tried in lots of boutique couldn't satisfy me and I gave up looking for a new dress. I can actually wear the old one anyway. 
In the end, at the last boutique I went, I saw this dress and wanna try for fun, but who knows it looks good on me ^^ The colour, cutting and especially the size are perfect for me. It's from MDS. 

The wedding begins! And from the moment it began, all the way to the end, it was very touching. The vows, the speeches, the performance by Carol's brother and sister, everything everything are super 感动的! 

I have this thing. I cannot hear when Carol cries, I'll cry too. She cried like many times that night haha her tears of joy. There was one time she called me and cried, because of what? Seriously I'm not very sure until now because I couldn't hear a thing as she was crying like uhuk-uhuk. I beh tahan also listening her crying like that, so I cried very chi cham too and said " *uhuk-uhuk* Can you stop crying, I can't hear what you're talking about...:'( "

I got bouquet! :)

Rainy night.

The LED balls look so pretty on the pool.

The ang moh style dinner.

Very pretty and delicious vegetarian foods. 

A sign language performance by Carol's bro and sis.

Waltz time!

Carol's surprise video and performance for Anthony. *sob* Another touching moment.

The night ceremony started early like 5pm. So the dinner ended early too at 8pm, earliest ever. So we party early and KO early too.

It was an awesome fun night with the nice people. Most of them, include Carol and Anthony had early flight (most of us are not from Kuching), so only left Pris and I in that big villa till afternoon. So happy to be able to relax myself in that nice villa with nice weather with a little people. 

Nice to wake up to this view.

Living room.

I felt like a rich lil lady when I told the chef what I want to eat and he would served it to me.

Really have to thanks Anthony and Carol for letting us to stay in that villa for a few more hours as our flight was kinda late. This trip is my most relaxing trip ever. 

So happy for her to finally found her right man who sayang her a lot. 一个好男人,不管他再有钱,再有才华,在孝顺,再帅,再有智慧,要是不疼你,一点屁用都没有。

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Great photos Eahui! Glad you helped Carol capture her beautiful moments :)

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