Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Culture of China, Festival of Spring

The Guang Xi, China, came to Brunei last week for performance: dancing, singing and magic. Of all the cultures in this world, I like Chinese the most. I'm not sure is it because I'm Chinese. Although I like the Japanese language, the country and the foods, but I'm not that interested in their culture. 

I used to dance Chinese traditional during high school, I miss those moments. 

They had modern song + dance too which has the Gangnam Style feel. That guy is so leng zai ^^

I always want to know how they do the "change face" performance, they are really fast and they can change more than 10 faces in a performance. The trick is always a secret and they will never teach people.

The magic show wasn't that nice as the girl only knows how to make more and MORE umbrellas =.=" 

I like the overall performances, really worth to watch.

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