Thursday, February 14, 2013

First time visiting old folks' home

Before Chinese New Year, I joined 长生 association and visited the old folks' home. It was my first visit. We were there to give them gifts and angpao. 

Brunei doesn't support old folks' home so this is private one and not supported by the government. There's only 10 old folks staying there. Some has no family and some are because of family is too busy to take care of them. 

Some are very old that they cannot walk conveniently anymore. 

Visitors write their names when they visit. 

When I reached there, these old folks are sitting like this waiting for the visitors to come. Some visitors took photos of them which I think it's kinda rude, like taking photos of animals behind the cage. I sneakily took this picture to show you guys the situation there.
I don't know but I think they didn't need to sit there and wait, they can do their own stuffs instead.
Or may be because this is easy for them to take photos with the visitors as there was reporters there. 

The kitchen.

Dining room.

Old folks' home, 2 persons each house.
And my dad was telling my brother which house he wants to stay in when he gets old =.=" 

Photos of the visitors.

This is taken last 2 years.

Taken last year.

and this year.

Everyone will get old and when a person gets old, he/she may not be as healthy as a young one. So some youngsters may think that the old people in their home are troublesome to be taken care of. 

Taking care our old parents is like our parents taking care of us when we were a baby. It's tiring, frustrating and never easy. But it's our job to take care of them instead of sending them to old folks' home. Isn't that sad when your children send you off alone with other old people. 

I don't encourage sending parents to old folks' home. There may be reasons why these people are sent there, may be their children have difficulties or what, we never know. 

I was a bit glad that it was just 10 old folks out of 300,000+ of Brunei population are staying there as I expected a big group of them like those I watch in the dramas. ><

Anyway, we should care of our parents if we are able to.  

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