Monday, February 4, 2013

My weekS in photos

I last blogged on last Wednesday, but I feel like it's been loooooong. Been really busy, but it's a good things because I sleep early and wake up early.

Been busy of my part time job. Not that sad actually lol, I only sent this to Carol while she was ready to fly from Ho Chin Minh for work.

Busy for Chinese New Year!
Made seaweed crackers and I still have more to make. Have to finish today because I'm going up Bandar soon again. 
I guess my mom wasn't confident with me or maybe she really wants to support her friend like she said, so she bought few buckets of seaweed from her friend. 
When I thought mine is not good enough, I tried my mom's friend, and we all agreed that mine taste better super good ^^

Made acar with my grandma.
It takes time to make all these Chinese New Year foods because it consists a LOT of work, especially when my family is big, so we have to make a lot.  

Gave a pile of used angpao to my little brother because he said he needs it to make lanternS, I thought. Then he ended up making one BIG failed lantern =.="

Was in weak energy last Saturday while Carol is motivating herself in the gym. 

When girls see foods! haha
We bought mom's bakery and salmon sashimi too. Was hungry that time then we were craving for everything.

Crayon Sin Chan bank, my advance Valentine gift.
Sometimes when Dk sees me interested in something then he will say "Choose one, I buy for you, for your birthday/Christmas/Valentine..." or whatever day that is near.
Next time I shall go to branded shops, act pity and say "I think I want this...*puppy eye*"

Big alarm clock for lazy people.

Top and shorts: Bugis Singapore
Bag: Deseo Brunei

 I still have a lot of stuffs not done yet! Bye dolls~

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