Monday, February 18, 2013

What type of person am I to my friends

My friend, Shimmy, went to Labuan during Chinese New Year. Then I told her...

Me: I never been to Labuan. Will you have boat sick?

She: Oh, no. YOU will definitely love the boat ride!

The image in my mind was like those western music videos, a white nice boat with bikini girls, nice music and have a bar. And you can stand at the boat side feeling the wind like the Titanic. Which I think it's kinda impossible to have those things on the way to Labuan, then I asked her...

Me: Why?

She: When you step into the boat, you will be showered with attention by the workers down there. They will say HI and Gong Xi Fa Chai to you.

Me: (a bit kek tio) wtf, I don't like that.

She: Then there was a lot of kids in the boat.

Me: (kek tio again) Ya, I like kids but not those whom I don't know =.=" (which means I like my friends' or relatives' kids)

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