Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to my ladies

恭喜发财! Not only it's Chinese New Year, it's also my friends' birthday today, how lucky. Can get birthday presents and ang pao, then few days later can get Valentine gifts~~

Happy Birthday to Siew Chien!

We celebrated with her at Shabu-Shabu.

Look at this slim girl, and you would never know when she turns back...

...she looks like...


and this...
Really beh tang. Stand beside a Ferrari also no guys want to flirt x.x 
I wonder do I still look like that to other people although I think I have changed a lot. 

And also Happy Birthday to my friend whom I haven't meet for 6 years, Evon.

I was seventeen with red hair.

Let's end with a better picture lol.

Wish these girls best of luck :)

and wish y'all "heng heng lai"!

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