Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Chinese New Year 2

So we all took pictures with CJ because he was leaving to Australia for study.


My cousin said she saw people lying on the floor and take pictures, so she wanted to do the same too.

Visited Thanis's.

I look kinda big size here =.=

Feeding Ee Ding, he's addicted to honey star.

Do Re Mi. Teng looked so cute when she was a kid.
We all had fringe then now all side fringe lol

Yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year. No more open houses, have to be hardworking and finish all the work and also time to count the angpao money and bank in.

It's also semester break this week. It looks like holiday but there's no holiday for us because lots of work to finish and also tests :(

See you guys again...tata.

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