Sunday, September 16, 2012

My weeks in photos

I have not been blogging...I know! I couldn't even remember what I have blogged and I referred to the previous posts lol

I'm currently having semester break and it's like FINALLY I HAVE A BREAK. Because we have been busy almost everyday doing assignments and uncountable meetings, we couldn't breath. 

On Wednesday I had my interview for the trip to Japan, and suppose today I can receive the result, however I have not receive any message yet which kinda make me nervous. We have around 8-9 students joining and only 4-5 students can go. I don't wish I'm the unlucky one, but if I am, no choice right, I go myself loo.

These are the photos for these 2 weeks plus. 

It's not a good thing looking at this kind of picture at this time (midnight). I miss sashimi again~

This is my fav creamy seafood udon. It's not in the menu because too many people order, you can imagine how popular is this. But if you want to order, they still available. 

Sweet delivery from the friends.

My lecturer is so nice that he treated us nasi katuk. 

I don't sing k that often but whenever he looks for me, I am singing k lol

When I see her, I see lol
It maybe partially my fault? It all started when she wore angry bird shirt on a party because I told her to cincai wear, then my friends thought I tricked her but :( how I know this would happen. 

总为你忐忑为你心软. 毕竟相爱一场. 不要谁心里带着伤~~~

Water best for happy hour lol

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