Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sushi Feast! sluuurp

Ima make you crave for Japanese foods at this time :)

Just now noon we had a sushi feast! Unlimited sushi treated by my relative. We can even customize since the chef was there making the fresh sushi. 

Sashimi my fav!

My mom stopped CJ to take photo then he said to me "Your mom like you eh." lol

CJ's face so smooth, this is unedited ok.

This was just in 2 min! The chef must be feeling pressure.


We all faster grab before it's too late.

After that, it was impossible for the chef to fill up the boat anymore. We were waiting there for the sushi and grab when the chef put onto the boat.

Aniston excited to see herself in the phone.


It's my dad's birthday today! And this 3D card is made by me.

My family always like to ask the married couple to kiss "KISS KISS KISS...." lol

It's mango cheesecake from fluer-der-lys (not sure how to spell). It's nice!

Chocolate cheesecake made by my aunt.

Enjoyed the sushi and they are really delicious. 


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