Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday vid for Carol

I recorded this while on the way to Miri. Dk had already reached my home that day to pick me up, and I don't even have the time to record the vid. Then we went to KB tea etc and didn't even have the chance to record because Dk was with me and it was so embarrassing, so ki siao to talk alone to my phone. 

I may 婆婆妈妈, 咯里咯说 if my boyfriend asks me to record a vid for him. But that day I was so semangat and promised Carol without second thought "ON! I'll do a vid for u." Sigh, 我在女人的面前是多莫的懦弱。

We almost reached Miri Custom and I couldn't even talk in front of my phone with Dk beside. Until he stopped at the road side, got off the car and let me talk to myself with the phone. I was so nervous and afraid he peeked me, so I kept looking at him. At the same time, the Gangnam song kept interrupting me. 

I know I'm stupid so you don't even need to comment that unless you think I'm cute. Or you don't even need to watch because this is my online diary, I just want to keep the stupid memory here and laugh at myself 10 yrs later. 

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