Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My week in photos

Been hanging out with the girls lately, and can even chat until 3am. We had not meet for 7 months, some went abroad for student exchange and some internship. And now we meet each other everyday :)

Lunch out at Lemon Grass.

Yee accompanied me to do my stuffs.

Met Wu Chun at Fitness Zone.
Suppose I had a voucher from HSBC Walk Run Cycle, who knows it's already expired last month and it was not stated in the voucher. Ended up paying $10 (student price) since we were there already. And our special promotion is to meet Wu Chun lol

My friend joked that "Who knows we can meet Wu Chun." Then when we reached fitness zone, Wu Chun was really in front of us talking to the contractor. And we still can change our shoes slowly in the car, discussing whether it was really Wu Chun.

My friend then approached Wu Chun and asked for picture with him, and this teruk girl asked him "Can you wait for me because I want to change clothes." =.=" He may not be a super star in Brunei, but he is a super super star in China and Taiwan or other countries. Other fans don't even have the chance to talk to him face to face, but she asked whether Wu Chun can wait for her a while. 好花不常开,好景不常在。

If you wonder what Wu Chun replied her, he replied "You can come back tomorrow." So she ended up taking picture with him before she changed clothes.

Shabu-shabu after fitness. Urm...not the right thing, right?

A lot of friends posted this on Facebook or Instagram, Belluno Gelato Mochi.
It's really nice. I like Mango and Creme cookies. Not sure about others because I haven't try yet. It's bit expensive. 3 for $5.60, equivalent to a meal. 

Went swimming at JPMC. Bit ugly here...but...nah...

A pic of me on Monday.

Semester starts, it's very challenging, in another word, stress! But we must go through these to get a degree.
Doing part time can release the stress. Yes, it's also bit stress with my part time now, because I'm doing sales. I'm looking for more part time, so you can contact me if you need me ^^


~Pinkie~ said...

were u the one who taking the video? hehe~ i've owes wanted to take photo with him. but din get to.. haha~ but since he's in brunei oledi. i will have chance! hahah!!!

EaHui said...

No it was my friend. lol