Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ah Ma Garage Sale 2

Been helping/accompanying my grandma at the garage sale. We have changed our time as requested, we will be open until evening, today my grandma opened until 9+ pm. She just wishes people would visit and check the things out. 

It's awesome to see people come and my grandma definitely feels syok when she sees people are buying lol
We are adding stuffs almost everyday because we really have a lot of stuffs for sell. You can tell us what you need so we can get ready if we have stock. So you can come every 3-4 days to check out the new stock. 

The date is actually not fixed, but my grandma plans to sell for 2 weeks, then rest, then sell again. So may be you can go check out anytime if you feel you want to. 

As my grandma is at home most of the time, you can try to horn to see if she's in if the gate is closed, she will open the gate to welcome you. But not too late la. Don't disturb old people like at 10 pm =.=" 
You can come early like 8+am, we are already there to prepare. 

Plastic bags of different sizes

Photo frames at $1

3 plates for $1

Jerseys and also clothes for men, woman, teens and kids.

Stationery. We also have pencil box, pen, marker pen, etc.

Earings, hairbands, hair clips.


Toys, cups, containers, dolls, soft toys etc at $1

Prayer mat

For your kitchen or restaurant. 

All the items are new, except for my 2nd hand clothes. I'm selling my clothes there, new and worn. 

Spread this, Come and visit us, Bring your family :)

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