Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Enjoying the final year

 I hate to say that I'm busy with uni recently, because I dislike reading others' blog and they start off with "Sorry for not updating, because I'm busy with uni~~" as I hope they can update often so I have something to read. But this is fact, kinda busy in the final year. I have assignments to submit everyday.

Don't think I am able to do inflexible part time like waitress at the opening-soon restaurant. I'm still able to do flexible one to release my study stress.

I'm packed from Monday to Saturday.

I'm too daring to join the Japanese Proficiency Test in December and the cert is world wide recognised.
Not something that I would do but I want to try, also to increase the chance for me to go Japan since I wasn't chosen last year :'(

Ganbate kudasai!

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