Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ladies night @ I-Lotus

It's sungkai again! 

We were deciding whether to dine at Twelve Cafe or I-Lotus because both are good and may be the menu quite similar? They both have seafood. I-Lotus has nearly 100 dishes but it's under tent, so no aircon. We ended up going to I-Lotus. 

I called quite many times, for more than 10 calls, to I-Lotus since 10am, and it kept engaging. I wanted to ask what's the menu for the night, but when I finally get to reach I-Lotus, I straight away book in case the girls choose to eat there but hard to reach again. 

It's really hot, we were lucky to sit beside the fan so it was ok. It was crowded and people were Q-ing up to get foods. 

Seafood for grill.

See the plates are Q-ing up for the grill.

They have ABC too.

I don't really like curry puffs. Anything with curry I dislike. But I still eat.

Lots of sauces.

Deep fried fritters.

This takoyaki tastes weird and bad. The Mall's still best.

Main courses: Rice, kue tiao, kailan, mixed vege, billing, tofu, sweet and sour fish, prawn, curry chicken, stew beef.

The grill prawn.

I like crabs, but they are too spicy. Remember to request for the not spicy one if you can't take spicy.



There was a chef who kept talking to us. We thought he likes my friend, Chien, the one wearing black and red checkers. He even asked if we are Korean, but we said we are Japanese. Then we all started to speak Japanese lol The chef was really action, even danced in front us. 

Raya is coming and my holiday is until Friday! So what! Assignments are q-ing up for me to finish them.

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Ryan said...


Hope you don't mind me adding a comment but I just discovered your blog and I think it's really cool. I'm from the United Kingdom and I love reading blogs from other countries so I can read about other cultures or find out new things like about different foods so yours is great to read.

BTW, you're good at taking photos too!