Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ew, sharing foods with cockroach?

This was during a dinner on Sunday. I complain and may be ask for a change of drink/food whenever I see such thing, May be an ant is OK for me depends on my mood, but that insect has antenna and it's just kinda disgusting. 

The worst experience was dining at Big Papa one day, a dead cockroach was on my rice. After that I never want to go Big Papa again and will tell the same story when someone wants to go there. Moreover, the staffs didn't apologize too. Then I realized a lot of my friends complain about their hygiene too.

I cannot accept it when I see chicken bones or whatever bones in my foods. I would think it must be eaten by another customer and the chef was trying to serve the left overs to the next customer without realise he has also included the eaten bone, as they don't wanna waste it. urgh...

Anyway, hygiene is very important everywhere, especially restaurants. Customers are not willing to suffer from food poisoning after dining in your restaurant. It's just like paying the restaurant to get food poison, how stupid. 

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