Monday, August 30, 2010

Dizzy again

I'm sick. I feel dizzy, not the normal dizzy. U might not encounter this.

I see things spinning, I mean it really spins around in front of my sight.
I feel like my brain is not balance.

I went to the doctor, he said I have ear problem.
Something in my ear is not balance, causing me feeling dizzy.

I first experience this in last year, a very serious one.
I can't eat, I vomit, I can't stand still and sit up straight. I only lye on my bed.
Well, doc said the first time is always serious.

This time, I can't even tilt my head, I can't look up or look down for too long, or I see things spinning again.
The feel is really scary.

Hope i can be normal again. Not feeling dizzy in whatever I do.
I'm going to KL next week, dont wanna feel dizzy in the plane, it sure feels bad~

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