Friday, February 3, 2012

Chinese 2012 year

ave you guys been visiting friends and relatives' house!?

I did but not that much la.

Since I resumed working on the third day of CNY, rushing on my monthly report, struggling on what to write for a 1000 words report, I had been very tired!

But funnily, I didn't even feel tired when I went to an open house till late night on last Friday, may be because Saturday I'm not working!

Green on the first day of CNY.
I got so much problems with this outfit because it's super tight on my arse, and even seamless underware also can be seen =.="
But in the end, after all the techniques used, finally u can see smooth on my arse.

wuu...that curve~ 翘臀!
lol...buay paiseh :p

During the 15 days CNY, what we Chinese do is EAT EAT EAT!
Eat till you feel scared, eat till you fat!

His signature expression is it?
Recently he is so rude to me! Kept throwing bad words to me!

The cousins

Getting more...

The aunties joined in too.

The pregnant woman's first year distributing ang pao!

This Ah Be really cute! I said "You only can leave if you smile at the camera!"
The he quickly did this expression. beh tahan...

Then I said "One more!!!!"

The friends visiting my house.

CNY sure play cards de...

and lau sang! Its a culture during CNY, people mix the ingredients and yell "HUAT AH!" to welcome wealth to them. hmm...something like that la.
This yu sang from Hua Ho is very surprisingly nice!

The big family!
Not all are in here yet!

The big hamper from Lee.

Gavin's house.

When I heard the aunties singing the oldies, I turned to Carol excitedly "OMG! got karaoke!"
Yes, I sing the Chinese oldies most of the time.

Introduce you our advertorial photographer, Yong!
It was mentioned in the previous post that we had an advertorial on Laneige.

Happy Chap Goh Meh to you!

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