Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Go Pretty with Laneige!

"It's not your fault if you look ugly 20 years ago,
But it's you fault if you look ugly 20 years later."

I once heard this quote from somewhere, which I agree.

Technology is improving. Not only the electronic, gadgets, etc, but also the cosmetics!

It's not your fault to look ugly before, but can just become pretty if you're willing to.

From a Chinese quote:
"There's no ugly woman, but lazy woman."

Make up is just amazing!
You can be as beautiful as you want with the help of those brushes and colours.

Gonna introduce you the Laneige cosmetics~~~~

I went to Korea last December, and Laneige is quite popular over there as I can see the outlets wherever I go.

Photo by Yong
This is the snow crystal eye shadows.
Different set of colours bring different kind of feel.

Photo by Yong
And on my face, I am using these.

I like colourful things! Colour makes you look fresh and young.
I know the ladies normally use brown or black or dark colour because it can suit easily with the outfit and any occasion.
But you may try to use a brighter colour too.

Photo by Yong
This is the Winter Collection for Dazzling Holidays.
"This Styling Romantic Blusher does not require special techniques as it has a feathery-light touch and a natural gloss."
I look pale if I don't use a blusher. Putting on blusher makes you look healthier.

This Styling Lip Duo also part of the Winter Collection.
How convenient is this because it is 2 in 1: Lip gloss + Lip stick
No more excuse for lazy make up!
Putting on only the lip stick may just look boring, you could add up lip gloss to make you SPOTLIGHT in the crowd!

Photo by Yong

Photo by Yong

Yes, I talked about this in the previous posts.

Purchase up to $400 and you are entitled to get this cute luggage for free!

Just left one! Go Grab!

Photo by Yong

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