Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking for $$$

Now all my mind is about earning side income from part time jobs, but have no action taken yet =.=
I actually have few sources where I can get my side income, but they are all about sales. I'm so bad in doing sales, especially direct sales, due to my face not thick enough.

There's nothing you can do without money. You need to eat, drink, etc, everything's need money.

The most important reason is I want to earn the side income because I wanna go travel myself during this summer break, because this is my last holiday in my life!!!

Damn it, I thought I would get Uni allowance starting this year, however, I haven't get my citizenship yet. *sad*

Then Ima depend on myself to earn or to save intensively...just to travel (maybe). So no one will have any reason to stop me from traveling!

How to get lots of $ within these months? Contact me if you have any job for me ^^

I have been working part time since 13. Only these 2 years I didn't work that hard in the part time.
I would love to earn side income even when I got a full time job. Busy woman is what I born to be.

Here's a pic of me and RA having the same sunglasses lol. Kinda embarrassing taking pics outside the restaurant.Link

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