Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ways to cheer yourself

Yes, you are moody and you need to find ways to cheer yourself up!

I had been miserable since this new week.
- I had not enough sleep in the morning and few times I drove out of lane.
- I almost dropped into the deep drain, lucky enough to have my tyre stuck there only.
- I overslept *sigh*
- Swollen eyes some more, how sexy.

However, when you are miserable, unlucky things tend to happen on you, just like me! Ima good example for this week.

Complaining, crying, hurting yourself do not make your life better. So find ways to brighten your life again!

My ways:
- I went to sing Karaoke. Yes, it helps a little. I feel better if people listen to my awful singing.

- Do sports. Sweats make you feel great and you will sleep good after that.

- Talk to friends. Chatting with friends will interrupt and so you won't keep thinking the sad things.

- Keep yourself busy. This definitely helps because you have no time to think other things.

- Find a part time job. This is a way to make yourself busy.

- Eat delicious foods. Not sure why, but yummy foods can make my mood better.

- Cry could be something that makes you feel released, but don't cry too much.

- Clean your room/house.

Other possible ways:
- Watch movie. Better the comedy. it doesn't work good on me because I don't even think it's funny when I'm really moody.

- Go shopping. Brunei may not be a good place to shop, may be go abroad?

- Go travel for few days. This definitely works on me! But I can't travel whenever and however I like because I'm still a student and $$$ is a problem :'(

- Party can make you feel better but need to take care of yourself too. It's dangerous if you're too drunk.

- No drugs...come on! It's gonna ruin your life!

- Don't suicide. Your family and friends gonna be VERY sad, care for their feeling.

- Spend all your savings. Trust me, you're gonna regret when you recover. For guys, you think girls still want you if you're poor?

- Cut your wrist. Cut it deeper if you want to die.

- Gamble. Why sponsor all your $$ to people? You should have buy yourself a luxury car.

So what are your ways to cheer yourself up?

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