Tuesday, January 3, 2012

X'mas and NYE

I'm not too late right?

Happy Belated X'mas and Happy New Year!

Not sure whether Christmas is a thing in Brunei, but I celebrate it every year with family for sure and with friends.

In my family, for sure we will organise games for all ages: kids, teens and adults.
Exchange gifts is a sure sure thing!

What's the most excited one, are the foods! The women in my family are good chefs, really. Not matter in western, Chinese, Indian, eastern etc cuisines.

The cutest baby in the house. She is so pui that I know you want to squeeze her.

The X'mas eve, also the wedding anniversary of my parents.
This is the surprise cake from my daddy to mommy.

They were asking my parents to kiss lips to lips LOL

"one leg" game. See who can stays longer.

Wrapping presents competition.
Come one, all the Christmas presents are wrapped by me. I have a lot of experiences already ^^

Ofcourse we are the winner la...

One of my uncles prepared gifts for kids under 9 years old.
...and request a kiss in return :D

"Guessing dad's hand" game.
My brother is so good in this.

"Guessing Mom's hand"

Exchange gifts time!
I was wondering who will get my so-cute-hello-kitty floor mat.
My grandma got an instant noodle lol and she said "wahh, this one ho-liao!!"

I got a body shop milk shampoo.

After that, went to Ridwan's house to continue the celebration.
He always prepares a lot of yummy foods: salmon sashimi, crabs, mee, chicken wing etc

Exchange gifts again!

This group is more to personal care, giving facial masks, shampoo, body shop and face shop.

This video is the compiled videos during the X'mas eve and NYE at empire.

We were then welcoming 2012 a week later.
I welcome it by going shopping in Miri wahahahaha

and dinner at I-Lotus.
Why the foods can always maintain so yummy!?

and count down in empire.
A very disappointed one. I think everyone is expecting fireworks.
Even some photographers have prepared themselves.
May be it was announced in the paper that empire wont have any fireworks? and we didnt read it? =.=

Although Christmas was over, I still receiving presents. Best year ever! so many presents.
The Body Shop set from him.

My dream bag from Carol!
Ok, story goes like this. Few weeks ago, I was in Singapore with family.
I have this weird mind that I'm afraid to buy things in front of my family.
Because I worry they gonna complain me "Havent earn $$, then know how to spend $$."
I saw this very cute baby blue polka dots box-liked bag but I didn't dare to buy.
I was si beh pek cek and sad when I was back in Brunei.

Then one day I was shopping with Carol at Deseo, then I told her "That's the bag I was talking about!"
Then after few days I got this bag, although different colour with the one I saw in Singapore, but quite similar. And have another feel!

Love this bag too much that I think Lee is quite annoyed when I kept saying,
"Careful ah!! Don't scratch my bag ah!!!"

Happy New Years guys!
I hope I no emo much about 2012 dooms say x.x

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