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Korea Part 1


Finally done uploading these pictures, and yet, these are not all.

Since nothing to do on the plane, normally I bring my own books to read, else buy mag at the airport.
But...normally I only read few pages and go zzzzzzzzzzz

Angry birds adverts, "statues", soft toys etc are everywhere at the Changi Airport, Singapore.
Purchase more than an amount and pay by Visa Card will be entitled to have a free Angry Bird soft toy.

Had dinner at the airport while transit.
Wearing singlet is the right thing in Singapore, but is a VERY WRONG decision when I arrived at Korea x.x

If you travel on a long flight, you will get a chance to sit this kind of plane with your own TV.
The movies and songs are kinda new, they have old movies too.
Didn't get the chance to watch the Rise of the Planet of Ape, so I watched on plane .

While you're listening to the music with the headset, be aware that you're gonna sing louder and louder without realise it.
and people are gonna stare at you LOL

First pic in Korea! So excited to try the weather outside!

There's nothing to see out there actually.
It was zero degree cel.

1st place: Odusan Unification Observatory

It's a place where they story the relationship between North Korea and South Korea, and show how North Korea looks like.
FYI, North Korea and South Korea are not good friends. North Korea is a communist country.

Odu Mountain was a ferocious battlefield about 1600 years ago.

The house in North Korea.
Those who have a TV like that in their home are consider rich.

Classrooms in North Korea.
Yea, it's quite undeveloped.

The tapes they watch.

The cigarettes they smoke.

I love my leather gloves...only for few mintues.
It doesn't make me warm!!
I started to feel cold after 2 seconds stepping outside :'(
The I bought another ugly thick gloves.

Eating ice cream in the winter!

2nd: Provence Village

It's a colourful and dreamy village.

A lot of cute stuffs too, but didn't dare to buy.
The tour guide said it's not cheap.

No idea what's this, selling those papers I think.
Most of the things are in Korean, even the road signs, foods menu.
They are bad in speaking English too, or some Koreans totally don't understand English.

BND $1.00 = 860 Won

They have small cafe too.

Ice cream again!
So they actually don't give a damn to the cold weather.

Cute stuff.

3rd: 统一村

Every restaurants will have a bottle of COLD water and cups on the table.
Koreans have Kimchi for the 3 meals everyday.
Most restaurants have steamboat.

Kimchi is quite nice actually, Sour and a little Spicy.

4th: Go for skin treatment

A lot of super stars have their facial done there.

First, we have our skin scanned to check what type of skin we have.

We don't actually need to wait long because they have a lot of machines.

I got a Trouble Free Mask.
Sad! my skin is always in trouble!

A lot of people can do facial at a time, so speedy!
This is just half of the room. The actual room size is double of the one in this picture.
Yea, we did facial, and we slept soundly. Got snoring sounds somemore.

After facial done, put your make up on!
I wish I have all these in my room!

The 3d pictures


"Sui" not after facial?

5th: The National Folk Museum of Korea

Korean Marriage

Marriage Ceremony

wohoo!!! U won't know what is this.
It's a coffin, pretty big!

I'm horse!

6th: Gyeong bok gung Palace

It was freezing cold while I was at those previous places.
And it was even colder here, I really cannot stand it!
My hand was almost harden,
I kept putting hand in pocket,
used my towel to cover my nose and mouth,
no mood to take pictures,
and I couldn't wait to get into the bus!

7th: Dinner time! Best of all!

We had BBQ!

The beef rolled in the cabbage is heavenly yummy!

8th: Get ready to ski the next day

The first moment we saw the snow, I was super excited!
It was outside the shop where we rent the outfit for skiing the next day.

The apartment we stayed at the Ski resort:

2 single beds and a small living room

The traditional way of sleeping: on the floor

View outside our room was awesome.
That's the snow mountain we went the next day.

Ofcourse not gonna sleep that early, should go for a walk under the snow.

Yea, it was around 10+pm, and people are still skiing.

The Korea version of 7-11

Bought ice cream to try eating under the snow.
You don't actually feel cold when eating ice cream in a cold weather, it's the weather that makes you cold.

First time I see a burger in a packet.

Ginseng is famous in Korea

I love tomatoes :D

The next day....
The breakfast

I told you that we have Kimchi for every meals.

So pretty, all white.

See those snow on my hair, and my mom will start yelling "Wear your hat!!!"

Gorgeous trees

9th: Ski time!!

Measure your feet to get the right size of shoes

This is the time when you sweat in winter.
Was fun when you slide down from the hill.
Was tired when you get up the hill =.=

The angel we always see in the cartoon!

My small snowman.
Hey! Snowman is hard to build!

Pretty right? :) ...I mean me. HAHA

Our tour group

They have foods stalls...

And people just eat outside like that, with the snow keep falling down.
So cool to experience this.

Yea, the menus are all in Korean, so we bought the foods by looking at the pictures.

It's around BND$5+

Soondae, some kind of spring roll.
Taste a bit weird but not that bad.

I thought it's only in cartoon.
It was amazing when I see the snow actually looks like that, so pretty awwwww
Isn't that amazing like how can snow formed in this shape!!??

Kimchi again for dinner!

Goodness! This steamboat got a lot of vege and only one kind of dumpling =.="
They eat pork most of the time, it's a good thing for us though and not the Muslims.

After dinner, we ride on the cable to the mountain peak.
The mountain is 1500 m.
Temperature: -16 deg. cel. x.x

So effing cold OKAY!!
I was stunned when they said they want to go up there.
You can see it's very misty.

yes, that was how cold.
You can't feel how cold it is by looking at this picture =.=

Aren't the trees pretty with the ice of them, like ice leaves?

Oh ya, people actually ski down from the peak. So crazy!

to be continued...

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