Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa is coming!?

I'm still alive people! Just came back from Korea few days ago, felt tired sitting in a long flight, busy sing K and catch up with friends, and only now I'm not feeling tired to blog.

This is a bit outdated but it's what I wanted to blog few weeks ago LOL

At the same time, busy arranging photos and editing videos for the Korea trip, so show u guys some other pictures first. hehe

It's Christmas decorations in Empire Hotel.

Carol busy phone...

Busy phone all the way...

I like this picture very much!

They are selling these desserts and popcorn.

You can build and decorate your own bread house. Available only every weekend.

Christmas is coming! So many events, I want to attend all!
The excited part is eating and exchanging gifts ^^

From my more than 10years celebrating Christmas's experience, these are the tips in choosing gifts:
1. TRY to choose gift which is suitable for all age. (unless u have a group with almost the same age)

2. Don't be so cheap. Try to choose gift which is at least more than BND$5. The receiver would be disappointed if receive something worth so little when they actually bought an expensive one.

LoL not much tips but that's what I think.

Examples? May be meaningful mug? Pillow? Chocolates? Amway products? Skin care? Wallet? Bi-sexual watch? T-shirt? Wine? Beautiful utensils? Chanel? LV?...............Barely There? haha

Enjoy choosing gifts and Happy X'mas!

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