Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Went to Soon Lee KB and they're selling 3D tv with blue ray player. costs $4000+ if not mistaken. So cool~
But cannot watch for a long time. Wearing the 3d glasses hurt our eyes.

And they sell this too!
Touch screen karaoke.
Looks cool~ too.
Graphics are nice.

Few months ago, I cooked water in my room using electrical kettle.
It's not auto off.
I went out and TOTALLY forgot the boiling water.
After 1 hr, I went to my room.
My room was smoky/hazy like a sauna room.
My kettle is a bit burnt.
Lucky my room not burnt.
Mistake learnt: Leave the room only after the water is boiled and kettle is off.

And this time. Potato's turn.

I planned to cook this for 45 min.
Chien knocked on my door reminded my potato after 2hrs+of cooking it!
Kettle burnt.
Potato VERY chao dah.
My hostel block has the chao dah smell.
And I'm gonna return a new pot to the owner. I don't know who is the owner yet.
Luckily the kitchen not burnt.
Mistake learnt: Set alarm clock!

I should buy kettle and pot which is auto off.

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