Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jia Ying's @ Rizqun

It's Jia Ying's birthday at Rizqun!
OK, when I say Rizqun, besides food pictures I will also have pool's pic. But this time, I didnt go to the pool.

This plate is nice.

Cucur pisang

The laksa sifu

Laksa without egg not really nice.

Take 1:
Me: too far!

Take 2:
Teng & Vui: Our hair got holes!

Take 3: successful.
See the similarity? We have same hair.

I am going to have this shape sunglasses.
Joey said "CJ GAGA"

See me? xD

How man when a guy knows how to play piano. Like Jay Chow~ *anime eyes*

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