Friday, May 25, 2012

A week of foods

It's weekend again! Friday is always a good day because Saturday is the best day and Sunday is an awesome day.

I'm still upset about the things got stolen, like I need a nail cutter then I remember "Oh, got stolen already"; and I wanna transfer the movies to my harddisk and remember "Oh got stolen already and even my pendrive." I really wish the cops in Brunei really useful and do something for the pity rakyat like me. 

This week is been all about foods because my relatives from Taiwan came to visit Brunei for the first time. Then my family members one by one want to treat the relatives eat good foods. Yesterday we ate Indian foods, this noon we ate western foods, tonight we eat my grandma's seafoods, tomorrow we are going to  eat Indonesian foods, Monday night we enjoy karaoke with Chinese foods. Is there anymore to come!? Awesome!

Just realize I have a family pic on my birthday :)

Happy weekend all!

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