Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The best part of my Life

I have no energy to blog these days, now I squeeze some energy for you guys.

I said I will post about "The best part of my Life". After thinking a while, I think there's too much awesome things in my life, so you can actually go view my old posts, because I have typed down all the best moments in this blog.

Too much awesome people that I met like:
- Carol and Dk who love me unconditionally. They are there for me 24-7 like I can look for them anytime when I need them. 

- The group chat that chats about anything, especially foods lol 

hmm...not sure when Lily left this chat

Then Ridwan organised a gathering when I said I wasn't happy, and because of this gathering, Jayd made his iPhone 4 to Crystal iPhone 4. Pity ><

Not forgetting Lee, Rano, Eldy, Kevin, Seng Yee. Yaying, Karaoke Gang, Damian, Cherlyn, Long xiu, my family, etc etc who accompanied me chat, lunch, dinner, sing K, shopping, play music, entertain me, made my day and super ON when I ask them out, etc etc. 
Don't be sad if I didn't mention you, too much to mention, and everyone I know is awesome. 
Guess what, most of my close friends are Christian or Buddhist-converted-Christian. 

Then now if you ask me "What's the best part of my life?" Almost everything la~ So I think this post is a bit rubbish =.="

2 more days to weekend,


CuteRabbit Land said...

have a awesome day my dear. muakzz and love u so muchiee

~Pinkie~ said...

oh my~wat happen toJayden's iphone? he dropped it ah? cracked till like tat.. :(

EaHui said...

pinkie: the phone flew away when he was on his bike lol