Friday, May 11, 2012

Jerudong Park- a hot spot back in 90s

I don't feel like posting this actually because the photos are so LOW quality taken using my phone because I didn't bring my G12. I have something else to post but the pictures are not completed yet, and since Jerudong Park was one of the hot spot in Brunei back in the 90s, I should post about it in case it's totally disappear in the future. 

Back in the 90s, this diamond attracts a lot of people because of the laser spear through the center to refract shots of neon light at night. 

This is in Thailand but it says it is inherited from Jerudong Park Brunei.
I can't find the picture of the rides in JP, but before in in JP, there was this thrill. 
There were more awesome rides like pirate ships, giant drop, etc. However they are already been removed. 
Sad huh.

People loved the musical fountain too.
It's still running tho, but not much audiences anymore. 

When we were kids, we see this mini pirate ship like WOW, SO GIGANTIC.
Now we think, "'s actually small."

We thought the dinosaurs were real as they moved and roar. 

This Spaceship is the most stupid ride I think =.="
It keeps spinning around.

Last picture of me and the camel.

Guess what! I didnt know Whitney Houston had a concert in Brunei. Wonder was it another free concert sponsored by the country like Michael Jackson. 

Wonder if there will be a day when Jerudong Park comes alive again. It would be great! 
Another playground for kids, dating spot for couples, another place for family day, and the sweet elder couples rewinding the sweet memories dating at JP and watching concerts together. Awesome!

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