Monday, May 28, 2012

A week in photos

So I keep eating these 2 weeks because my Taiwan relatives come to visit Brunei, and family members one by one treating the guests. 

Last Sunday I attended my nephew's full moon at Seasons. 

I miss my G12 when I do this pose :(

On Thursday, we had dinner at Tandoor. 

made this Love before the dinner

The first thing I do when I see my niece is to kiss her and cuddle her ^^
Her chubbiness makes her look so cute~~ and you'll feel like biting that cheeks. 

On Friday, we had lunch at Millennium.

I want to show you  his wound but I don't wanna make my blog disgusting and make myself vomit when I read this.

Outfit on Saturday.

Why she's so cute!?
She was excited when she sat on her dad's shoulder.

Saturday we had dinner at Seri Lembayung. 

There are more treats to come! And tonight we are going to karaoke~ 

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