Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My week in photos

I joined the Tasek Run last saturday...just kidding~
I was there hiking and saw this run going on. Was about to finish our hike, we saw the finish line and Milo car in front us. 
Milo car was our fav when we were kids, u too right?

Had tea at Hot point.
Orange juice's my fav juice.

How did you celebrate father's day?
I made a card for my dad.

My grandma's dumpling is so famous and delicious, how can I not learn from her. Even a reporter wanted to interview her, but she's being low profile and rejected the interview.
I was busy making dumpling with her these two days. 
Sunday I made Red bean dumpling (photo above) (kan sui zhong);
Monday I made pork dumpling (ba zhang). 
Even my friends said "I don't want to pangsai anymore" because they want to keep the dumpling inside their stomach. Yea, that delicious ^^

I was waiting for my RD for so long =.=" I just got it when I went back home last weekend.

Why my cousin so cute!?
Look at that tummy...awww~

Had not seen minna for 3 years! Finally she's back to Brunei and met her. 
Nothing change, but her ang moh slang!

Outfit on Sunday night. 

I almost forgot I'm joining the mochi contest till I saw a post on my FB. 
Don't be lazy, Click here and like my photo. 
Thanks for the support and I want that iPad :) LOL

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