Friday, June 29, 2012

Sales in Brunei

I'm sure this week the Bruneians must be spending lots of money. How attractive is the promotion at Face Shop having up to 60% discounts and lucky draws; how attractive are the sales at Consumer Fair!

So that's the strategy, having all these events at the end of the month when everyone's getting their salary.

I'm one of the victim too :D
The 60% discounts products are not what I need :(
So I had 25% discounts on everything I bought because I'm a member.

I'm exited everytime I see her, I'll talk a lot.
Even in front of Carol I'm a cool person, but when I see this woman I just feel like I want to "suan" her.
Because her face saying "Please bully me!" lol

Eldy was holding my si-lai recycle bag containing my mee goreng for my dinner. 

Was taking few pics at that time because they were buying their phone accessories for so long!

Tonight I'm going to Consumer Fair, looking forward to it hoping it's not gonna be disappointing. Gonna eat the food testing at every food booths for my dinner lol kidding. 

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