Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My week in photos

Went to Consumer Fair.
Like usual, they have promotions, Taiwan booths were there again, so I was browsing to see what's new.

One of the booths at CF.

One round of food tasting is equivalent to a meal lol

Thai umbrella painting

A Thai beauty was carving the fruits.

Oh, we bought something, only popcorn and drink. 

Attended 350 org meeting. 
So if you guys wanna buy sugarcane A4 paper, you can order from me. $5.20 per ream. It looks just like an ordinary quality A4 paper, but it's more environmental friendly because it's made of sugarcane. 

Went to dental clinic to clean/whiten my teeth, but the dentist said whiten and clean are 2 different things.
Whiten, they need to use chlorox etc etc, it sounds scary.
Clean is just cleaning, will not whiten our teeth because we are born to have slightly bit yellowish teeth. 
I just went for cleaning. Just leave the scary part next time. 

Attended few parties too last week. I'll blog about it later~

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