Monday, July 16, 2012

My collections when I was a teen

I was home alone, so I cleaned my room, and hoping to find my UBD offer letter for scholarship application, but nothing found :(

I always dig lots of memory when I'm cleaning my room. 
When I was a kid/teen, I didn't really throw things because I thought I would use them one day. But actually I never even touch them again, and my room started to become like a recycle company or rubbish dump. 
So when I'm free, I'll occasionally clean my room up, and throw the unused.

I used to collect test pad cardboard when I was a teen. And I would write my name nicely on the cardboard. 
I still keep them, not sure what will it be used for though, but yea...:)

This is part of my wall, actually it is full of my idols posters. 
This man is Tony Sun, lol, I liked him a lot last time because he looks "chok" in 5566, but not anymore!
He is disgusting now, like an old man.
Most of my posters are Jolin Tsai, she's still pretty. 

As I was not a top student, so I rarely or never appear in newspaper. 
I always appear with a big group of students like the above. Although I may not be seen clearly, but I was excited everytime I got in the newspaper and would cut them out. 

Even I was not in the paper, but those were the events that I involved in. *sounds so pity lol*

Ok, bear with me, I know this WTF
I also stick this Thank You card on the wall, because my picture is inside the card, I'm the one kneeing down (enlarged)
I was my high school anniversary. Not even my face can be seen lol

A big note asking my parents to wake me up, because I can sleep even the alarm rings for an hour.
It is then my boyfriend's job when I got one.
But after break up, I'm always late again!

This sticker photo frame is quite famous when I was a teen. 
It has different designs and size, and you put your photo inside it. 

I was a good artist.

I like Hello Kitty since I was 11. 
Some of them are from ice cream, so I have eaten a lot just to collect them. 
Some are bought by my dad.
As I grew older, I would like to have Kitty stuffs instead of those display. But I know they are not cheap, so I didn't buy kitty stuffs anymore until I got a boyfriend. 
So no one knows I like Kitty besides my boyfriend, then slowly most of my friends know, then my Kitty stuffs got more and more, just recently. 

I wished to become a dancer when I was 11. I never dare to dance until one day, my high school needed students to dance. So I started dancing when I was 14. I got the gene!
I wished to become a singer when I knew how to dance, because I want to be like those celebrities sing and dance, big and impossible dream it was!
How would I expect I can sing in front of people today, I thought I would not sing in my whole life.
I started to sing when I was 21 because of the boyfriend who loves singing so much.
Like a Dream Come True~~

This is my love diary which I recorded all the times when I met my ex. 
Was first time dating so was excited in every dates.
I mentioned a lot about Ideal and Escapade, these are the restaurants which I gone most of the time.
Although I can't really remember how happy I was, but from that diary, 我可是个单纯可爱的少女。

I made my own envelopes with nice magazine pages, and collected them. 
All the envelops are about Disney.


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~Pinkie~ said...

i think most of the girls do write diary when we are teenage~ i have a few of them too~! haha.. still keep in my shelves. lol~ like every detail oso write in.. good old days.. lol~~~